Donetsk, Dec 22 – DAN. DPR Construction, Housing and Utilities Ministry has finalized programmes for the 4th phase of rebuilding war-ruined housing.

“The programmes providing for the restoration of more than 700 houses and infrastructure facilities have been sent to the Republic’s leadership for review,” the Ministry’s press service said.

The Ministry added that proposals have been prepared to restore the residential sector, build new houses and renovate municipal apartments.
“Using past experience, restoration will be carried out by contractor organisations and student construction teams which will assist residents in rebuilding their private property,” it said.

Earlier, DPR leadership decided to launch the third phase of rebuilding without waiting for the second phase to end. Repairs have already commenced, overall, 154 apartment houses and 124 social infrastructure facilities will be restored.

During the first two phases, a total of 2,000 houses and facilities were restored.

The Construction Ministry reported in September 2016 that more than 23,000 houses in private property sector and apartment buildings were damaged or destroyed during the Donbass war, including 7,304 houses and 2,147 apartment buildings in Donetsk, 2,233 houses and 816 apartment buildings in Gorlovka and 1,255 houses and 202 apartment buildings in Debaltsevo. *jk