Donetsk, Nov 22 - DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic acting Foreign Minister, DPR envoy to the Minsk talks Natalia Nikonorova has called for agreeing a package of additional ceasefire control measures at the Minsk talks before the end of this year.

“We hope that the parties will finalise the document at the upcoming talks in December and implement it within the scope of reconfirming their commitment to comprehensive ceasefire and disengagement of forces and hardware in line with the framework agreement,” Nikonorova said.

The document will ensure a proper response to ceasefire violations in Donbass, she added.

“Rather than seeking the culprits behind this or that violations or trading accusations, we must reach an understanding and consensus on how we should deal with these violations,” the diplomat said. “In our opinion, it the finalising and enforcing the package of additional measures that could provide this mechanism of control and response.”

Earlier reports on Thursday said that the OSCE mission had prepared a draft package of additional ceasefire control measures for the meeting of the Contact Group security subgroup. “In this connection, the DPR representatives noted “certain progress” in document coordination.

Earlier, the DPR repeatedly called for enforcing extra ceasefire control measures such as comprehensive confirmation of adherence to previously adopted measures to cease hostilities; bans on any offensive or reconnaissance operations and sniper fire; ban on shelling, including retaliatory, ban on deployment of heavy weapons in settlements and on delivery of aimed fire at settlements.

Following the murder of first DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko, the DPR representatives in Minsk demanded that the list also ban sabotage and terrorist acts.*jk