Donetsk, Aug 31 - DAN. DPR began Miner’s Day one-time payments to disabled miners and high-performing employees permanently living in the Republic, DPR Labour and Social Policy Ministry reported on Thursday.

“On 30 August, DPR began to pay Miner’s Day one-time benefits to permanent residents of the Donetsk People’s Republic under the aegis of the Donbass people reunification programme,” the Ministry said.

The payments are made at DPR head Alexander Zakharchenko’s order. The eligible groups are coalminers having 1st disability category and workers commended for meritorious labour. Recipients apply for financial aid package at the Labour and Welfare Department.

“Payments began at Central Republican Bank offices on Wednesday evening and at Pochta Donbassa (Donbass Post) offices on Thursday to the residents whose applications were reviewed on 2-17 August,” a Ministry official said.

DPR has been making similar payments to residents of Kiev-controlled part of Donetsk Region since 1 August at welfare and government services centres near the crossing points. The sum of payment is the same for all Donbass residents. The groups of recipients entitled to this financial aid and the required documents are listed on the humanitarian programme website.*jk