Donetsk, Feb 17 — DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic government has said that all DPR residents entitled to paying for utility services at reduced rates will continue to enjoy this right until yearend without having to confirm it.

“The norm on obligatory annual utility discount verification has been suspended until December 31, 2023, ” DPR government chairman Vitaly Khotsenko said.  “There are some 137,000 residents entitled to this benefit; they don’t have to reconfirm their right until the end of the year.”

 Utility companies have increase prices of their services by 20 percent on the average since January.  Utility bills will keep growing until they reach the level of other regions. Meanwhile, DPR authorities said that the customers connected to the Seversky Donets — Donbass canal would not be charged for the water due to long lapses in its operation as a result of the blockade of the region by Kiev.*jk