Donetsk, Dec 11 – DAN. Nearly 550 gamers have registered with the Open computer sport tournament Cyber-Donbass, the head of the Young Republic social organization IT Department Vladimir Taranenko.

"The qualifiers for the Cyber-Donbass tournament kicked off on December 2 under the humanitarian program for the reunification of Donbass people. Eighty teams have registered for Dota 2 challenge; 29 teams - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive challenge. With each team comprising five people, the overall number of gamers reached 550," he said.

Two qualifiers have already been played.

Taranenko pointed out that there are Kiev-controlled Dotentsk region residents among those registered for the tournament.

The final is scheduled for December 17 in Victoria hotel in Donetsk, invitation only access and lottery for holders. The winners are to share 600 thousand roubles prize money. *ot