Donetsk, Jul 15 – DAN. DPR authorities have allocated 380 thousand rubles to multi-child families residing in Kiev-controlled territory over the week, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy said.

“Over the previous week alone, within the framework of the humanitarian program for the reunification of Donbass people, monetary assistance was allocated to 32 multi-child families residing in Kiev-controlled territory, the total of 384 thousand rubles were paid,” the press statement reads.

The assistance was paid in the centers for social aid and administrative services located at the crossing points along the contact line.

The humanitarian program was launched in February 2017 to assist people living in Kiev-controlled territories and strengthen social and cultural ties between the territories. The main objective is to provide financial aid and educational assistance to vulnerable social groups; events are being organized to support the cultural traditions and values of the region. *ot