Donetsk, May 18 - DAN. A DPR airsoft team left for Russia’s Moscow region to take part in an international military strategy game, DPR Youth, Sports and Tourism Ministry press service said on Thursday.

“Today, a 35-strong team of airsofters left for Russia to take part in the international military strategy challenge “DAWN: 24-Hour Armoured Warfare. Meeting on the Elbe” due to take place at the Alabino firing range in Moscow region,” the press service said.

The DPR team, “First Donetsk Front,” brings together members of the Military Strategy Games Federation and patriotic clubs. The event’s objective is to contribute to the patriotic upbringing of younger generations.
“DAWN: 24-Hour Armoured Warfare. Meeting on the Elbe” is believed to be the world’s largest military strategy game.

Emulating historic events it employs army hardware, such as tanks, self-propelled artillery, infantry fighting vehicles, armoured personnel carriers and a Mi-8 helicopter.

More than 4,000 participants from Israel, France, Syria, Holland, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Donbass, Estonia and Belarus took part in the game together with Russian teams from all over the country last year.
The airsoft competition will run on 18-22 May.*jk