Donetsk, Apr 26 – DAN. DPR upgraded the list of hazardous enterprises in Kiev-controlled territory adding Konstantinovka chemical plant and two water treatment plant, said DPR People's Council ecological committee head Aleksander Yarovikov.

"Konstantinovka chemical plant is the biggest of its kind in Donetsk region, it uses hazardous chemicals, like hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid; if they are spilled, over one thousand sq. m. of territory with 175 thousand residents in 50 townships will be affected."

Incidents on the enterprise might occur because of safety violations or due to military action.

Velikoanadolskaya and Starokrymskaya water treatment plants of Donbass Water Company are also dangerous, as a lot of chemicals are stored there.

Starokrymskaya pumps water to Mariupol, one of the largest stations of the region, uses chlorine to treat water; it is stored in two tank cars of overall volume of 114 tons. Polluted area might be of over one thousand sq. m. including Mariupol, and affect 30 townships, and 500 thousand people.

In case of safety incidents at Velikoanadolskaya, four thousand tons of chlorine might leak putting 27 thousand people in danger.

Earlier Azov Steel and Dzerzhinsk phenol plant were put on the list as major ecological threats.

DPR has been insisting on inspections to Kiev-controlled hazardous enterprises, such as Donetsk water treatment plant and Avdeyevka Coke and Chemical plant. *ot