Donetsk, Feb 26 – DAN. The DPR public committee for registering Ukrainian authorities’ war crimes have called on the UN and the ICRC to pressure Kiev into investigating firing at an ambulance in Dokuchayevsk.

"We urge the international community, and the ICRC and the UN first of all, to pressure Kiev into investigating this incident to prevent such cases in the future."

The committee said the firing incident violates the Genève convention for the amelioration pf the condition of the wounded and sick in armed forces in the field of 12 August 1949.

"We emphasize the importance of observing international humanitarian law as a basis for civilized relationships between peoples. We also pay attention to an exceptional importance of bringing perpetrators to justice," The DPR public committee insisted.

On February 22 an ambulance evacuating an injured DPR soldier in the vicinity of Dokuchayevskcame under Ukrainian forces' fire. Three people were killed – a combat medic, a driver-medical aidman and the soldier. Later DPR envoy to the negotiations Denis Pushilin said the incident will be discussed at the next round of the Minsk talks. *ot