Donetsk, Mar 14 – DAN. Donetsk water treatment plant (DFS) relaunch has been postponed indefinitely as Ukraine has not extended security guarantees, DPR Operations Command told Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.

“Repair teams have been on standby for launch works since 9:00 a.m., but since Ukraine has not confirmed the ceasefire, the launch will be delayed until security guarantees are provided,” an Operations Command representative said.

OSCE and Joint Centre for Control and Coordination officers are in Yasinovataya trying to secure ceasefire from Kiev.

A Voda Donbassa water supply company representative said the demining team and DFS personnel were now leaving DFS premises. “We’ll try making arrangements tomorrow,” he said.

Following transmission line repairs, power supply to DFS is to be restored on Tuesday, 14 March. The facility had a power outage three days ago as a result of shelling by Ukrainian forces.*jk