Donetsk, Aug 21 – DAN. The DPR Road Maintenance and Construction authority has replaced 60 traffic lights over three years in Donetsk, saying new equipment will minimize road accidents.

"In three years that we work, we have replaced a third of traffic lamps with LED traffic lights, that is about 60 signal lights," said the head of the road authority Sergey Skidanov.

The State Road Safety Unit said that LED lights are more durable and provide enhanced visibility in difficlut weather conditions compared to traditional traffic lamps.

"They were installed to minimize the number of accidents. The majority of new traffic lights are located in central Donetskand in those areas where too old lights were often out of order," the Road Safety Unit said.

According to the Road Maintenance and Construction authority, currently there are 183 traffic lights in the city. This year the replacement plan has been fulfilled. Next year 20 more objects are to be replaced with newer equipment. *ot