Donetsk, Nov 18 – DAN. Residents of a damaged house in the Kuibyshevskiy district of Donetsk have filed cases against Ukraine with the European Court of Human Rights, DPR Head's Office told DAN.

"As a result of Ukrainian shelling, 385 multi apartment houses have been damaged in the district. Today, November 18, residents of one of the houses addressed the ECHR asking for compensations of the damage inflicted upon them by Ukraine during the military action."

Before the war, the number of residents of the house No.1 at the Kolkhoznyi av. was 270, currently only 114 remain in 105 apartments; in 22 of them essential construction elements are badly damaged.

"I am terrified to recall the day when Ukrainian shell hit the house," one of the residents said.

"Thanks God, our family survived. Republican authorities are repairing our apartments. But it is Ukraine who should be repairing the damage. I demand that Kiev repays all the expenses our family incurred as a result of this inhumane shelling."

Experts estimate the damages of the house at 44.4 million rubles.*ot