Donetsk, Jun 26 — DAN. Several artillery rounds fired by Ukrainian forces have impacted on the premises of the Ahat Jami Mosque in northern Donetsk, said DPR Musltim community leader Rashid Bragin.

“Three shells hit our mosque today damaging walls and smashing windows, ” Bragin told the Donetsk News Agency.

Despite the shelling, DPR Muslims will fully mainain the Kurban Bayram holiday tradition  at the mosques of Mariupol, Torez and Makeyevka and elsewhere in the Republic, he said.

Kurban Bayram, known as Eid el-Adha in Arabic, is the feast of sacrifice. Muslims gather in mosques to pray and mark this occasion by sacrificing camels, cows, buffalos, sheep or goats. It is believed that it will benefit both the rich and the poor. After prayer, they offer treats to the needy, cook national dishes and commemorate the diseased.*jk