Donetsk, Jun 11 - DAN. Donetsk’s Husak Institute of Urgent and Restorative Surgery reported the first successful results in the development of a new ischaemic stroke drug, Experimental Surgery Department head Dmitry Filimonov told the Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.

“In 2016, we launched a new large project to develop ischaemic stroke medication,” Filimonov said. “To reach the goal, we arranged cooperation with several DPR medical research centres. It’s just the beginning of work, but the results we’ve already obtained look promising.”

The drug synthesis technology is already fully available. The research is underway, he added.

The Husak Institute was established in 1929 as the Central Hospital for medical services for factory workers, coal miners and city residents. It is currently a leading DPR health facility comprising eight departments including the burn and plastic surgery divisions and the department for restoration of reproductive function and haematology. The Institute has been headed by Prof Emil Fistal since 2014, who performed over 20,000 surgeries.*jk