Donetsk, Sep 11 – DAN. A round table discussion 'Mariupol Liberation as the final chord of Donbass Liberation' took place today in Donetsk National University as a part of 74th anniversary of Donbass Liberation in the WWII celebrations.

A hundred of people gathered in the university's lecture hall including representatives of DPR authorities, the university's staff members, veterans, students and representatives of social initiative Forum of Mariupol Rescue.

The participant presented their opinions on the historical role of Mariupol liberation and the history of the city, ways of conflicts resolutions, possible measures of political settlement of the ongoing Donbass conflict.

Special attention was paid to the current security and humanitarian situation in Mariupol, where a lot of residents are frightened by murders and kidnapping.

One of the participants presented a report highlighting the atrocities of the Mariupol military authorities who have organized a concentration camp in the city's airport where they torture opposition members, while other civilians are taken to 'excursions' there.

Still some residents found courage to celebrate the Donbass liberation day and attached flyers saying 'Mariupol Won't Surrender' to the walls and pylons on central streets.

Mariupol was seized by German Nazi on 8 October 1941, and liberated on 10 September 1943 in the course of Donbass Strategic Offensive of the Red Army on the Eastern Front of World War II with the goal of the liberation the Donbass from Nazi invaders. In the night of September 9-10 the ships of Azov military fleet under command of the rear admiral Sergey Gorshkov approached the coast line and troops landed west of the city of Mariupol. The enemy was cut off and wasn't able to retreat. The 44th army under the command of Vasiliy Khomenko regain the control over the city after a 10-hour battle. *ot