Donetsk, Mar 21 — DAN. The “Donbass Post” state unitary enterprise has prepared a “Wagner” Group vignette and envelope, the company’s press service reported on Tuesday.

“The ‘Wagner’ private military company, one of the most combat-efficient in the Russian army, is currently conducting missions as part of the special military operation in Ukraine, ” the press service said. “It has achieved many benchmark victories, and it looks like the fight for Artyomovsk is becoming the key battle in the whole operation.”

The Donbass Post website offers to preorder the issue which will go into circulation starting 13:00 on March 23. The issue comprises an envelope with a “Wagner” card, a treble clef vignette featuring the words “Musicians Known in the Whole World” and a leaf of such vignettes.

Vignettes are shaped like stamps but cannot used in mailing. Earlier this year, “Donbass Post” started to use Russian stamps in mail delivery payments.*jk