Donetsk, Dec 26 - DAN. Donbass Post opened its office in frontline Staromikhailovka neighbourhood in western Donetsk’s Kirovskiy district, the state-owned company’s press service said on Tuesday.

“Today, Donbass Post launched its office in frontline Staromikhailovka neighbourhood,” the press service said.

The launching event was attended by DPR Communications Minister Viktor Yatsenko and Donbass Post director general Denis Neudachin. The whole range of postal services is henceforth available to Staromikhailovka residents.

“It is not the only office launched in volatile areas. Donbass post plans to launch its next office in Oktyabrskiy neighbourhood and later on in Krasniy Partizan. “People need Donbass Post offices,” the company’s press service quoted Yatsenko as saying.

According to Donbass Post database, Staromikhailovka has a population of 3,000 including 1,030 pensioners and 35 handicapped persons. The neighbourhood has had no permanent postal outlet for more than two years. Donbass Post plans to open a second office in Kirovskiy district on 27 December. *jk