Donetsk, Jul 11 – DAN. Delays in repairing the Yuzhnidonbasskiy water duct outside Yasinovataya could result in interruption of the water supply to whole southern Donbas, said DPR envoy to the Minsk negotiations Denis Pushilin’s press secretary Viktoria Talakina.

"Denis Pushilin emphasized during the Contact Group meeting that the water situation is getting critical for 1.3 mln civilians and technical water customers, as it deteriorated in January 2017. Any further delays in repairs coordination is posing a threat of leaving whole south-western Donbass without centralized water supply," she said.

Talakina added that one of the YDW duct 1,400mm pipes was badly damaged as a result of shelling on January 31, 2017 and 48,000 cubic meters of water leak daily out of it. Repairs must be finalized before cold weather settles.

"In case the repairs are failed, Volnovakha, Krasnoarmeisk, Dobropolye districts and Dokychayevsk, Elenovka and 49 other townships might be deprived of water supply," she said.

Since the incident at the pipe, the Voda Dinbassa water company has sent 18 requests for repairs to the JCCC. Not a single one was answered by Kiev representatives to the JCCC, all the letters to the OSCE shared their fate.

In this connection, the DPR authorized its representative Denis Pushilin address the OSCE asking it to assist in receiving Ukraine's security guarantees for the duct damaged area repairs.

The first-level pumping station of the Yuzhnodonbasskiy water duct is under the DPR control. Three water treatment plants are connected to the duct, two of them supply water to Kiev-controlled areas. *ot