Donetsk, Aug 8 - DAN. Croatian mixed martial arts fighter Maro Perak said he has no doubts of his superiority over his Donbass opponent Nikita Krylov at the upcoming United Donbass international MMA tournament due to be held later this month.

“I believe the fight will be quite tough, but it will not come to judges’ decision. Nikita looks like a powerful opponent but I’m stronger anyway,” Perak told Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.  “I’m training for our bout in my town with a lot of help from my team.”

Perak said the fighting style did not matter to him, be it wrestling or boxing stances. “It makes no difference because I want and I plan to knock out Krylov,” the Croatian said.

Earlier, Krylov told Donetsk News Agency that he wanted a beautiful show of his victory over Perak to make the audience happy.

Donetsk will host a MMA tournament on 26 August featuring the duel between Krasniy Luch resident Nikita Krylov and experienced fighter from Dubrovnik, Croatia, Maro Perak.

Nine fights will take place at the tournament overall. *jk