Donetsk, Dec 23 — DAN. The introduction of compulsory medical insurance (OMS) in the Donetsk People’s Republic is one of the priorities in regional health care development, DPR Healthcare Minister Dmitry Gartsev said on Friday.

“We’ve decided on the key tasks and plans for 2023. The integration of the Republic’s legal system into the Russian legal environment is the key vector of the Republic’s government policy, ” Gartsev said. “The health care system will be adapted to Russian standards as well.”

The DPR will introduce compulsory health insurance and adopt Russian standards in the provision of medical aid. It will continue to carry out well child checkups and provide free medicines to the population of the region, he added. The objectives include computerization of medical services and subsequent integration in the Russian information system.

These issues were discussed at a recent meeting with the heads of DPR medical centers, Gartsev said.

On December 10, DPR Head Denis Pushilin’s decree on establishing the regional Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund came into force. The regional Fund will be launched in January, Pushilin said after a meeting with Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund chairperson Ilya Balanin.*jk