Donetsk, Apr 4 - DAN. A civilian was killed in DPR south as Kiev forces shelled Kominternovo village in Novoazovskiy district on Monday afternoon, district administration head Anatoly Yanovskiy told Donetsk News Agency.

“Yesterday, at 4:15 p.m. a man, aged 43, was killed by mortar fire,” Yanovskiy said.

In Novaya Laspa village, Telmanovskiy district, tractor drivers came under Ukrainian forces fire on Monday. There were no casualties.
Also on Monday, four houses and a gas pipe in Dokuchayevsk were damaged by shelling. Local sources said Dokuchayevsk and its outskirts were shelled around 8:00 p.m.

“A utility shed caught fire at 14B Bogdana Khmelnitskogo Street in Yasnoye neighbourhood. The fire was extinguished. Shelling caused damage to a gas pipe at 31 Schorsa Street and windows of the house at 17 Vavilova Street. A house was damaged at 6 Tchaikovskogo Street in Dokuchayevsk,” town administration head Alexander Kachanov told DAN.

At the talks in Minsk on 29 March, the Contact Group agreed a ceasefire, effective from 1 April midnight. Ukrainian military opened fire at DPR territory seven times on the first night of the ceasefire.

According to DPR Operations Command, Ukrainian forces shelled the Republic 51 times over the past 24 hours. Twenty-two DPR settlements were targeted with mortars, infantry fighting vehicle cannons, anti-aircraft guns and small arms. *jk