Donetsk, Jul 20 - DAN. Former tenants of the war-torn high-rise building in Donetsk airport area will move in new apartments in the city centre by the end of the year.

Renovation of the former dormitory and the health centre of Donetsk National University is underway. The project to redo the facilities was launched in May 2017.

Construction workers are now dismantling windows and putting up new walls and partitions, and concrete placement in already in progress on several floors.

"Thanks to replanning, 137 apartments will be built, mostly one-room and two-room," DPR Construction and Housing and Utilities Ministry press service told Donetsk News Agency.

Some 50 workers are engaged at one of the two facilities under construction.

The legendary nine-storey house is located in Vzlyotnaya Street near the city airport. It was ruined in fighting and is beyond repair. As many as 137 families were left homeless. They will be given new apartments after completion of renovation works on two buildings in central Donetsk.*jk