Donetsk, Aug 5 — DAN. Ukrainian forces fired roughly 300 shells on the DPR on Wednesday. DAN presents its evening news summary. 

Here are the key events so far on Wednesday, August 10.

Fighting and victims

The enemy used MLRS, artillery, and mortars to target the DPR, first explosions were heard at 5:30 a.m. Donetsk, Yasinovataya, Gorlovka, and neighbouring townships came under fire.

At least 15 houses, a kindergarten, boarding school, entertainment venue, gas pipes and power lines were damaged.

Offensive ongoing

The Coalition suppressed three fire points outside Donetsk, two Grad MLRS platoons, two D-20 howitzer and D-30 howitzer platoons were destroyed outside Kirovo, Seversk and Verkhnekamenskoye.

Russian forces also destroyed a depot storing 6,000 artillery rounds in occupied Krasnogorovka.

Ukraine’s 56th motorized brigade deployed to Peski area lost its fighting capacity as a result of air strikes.

A control centre of the Aidar nationalistic battalion was destroyed in Novosyolovka. Missile and artillery weapons depots were destroyed in Nikolayevka, Fedorovka and Vyemka.

Humanitarian situation

The State Defence Committee decided not to impose income tax on humanitarian aid and funds from the reserve fund. 

The State Defence Committee also allowed for the duration of the transitional period the hiring of residents of the liberated territories, “whose level of professional education or work experience does not meet the qualification requirements.”

In Mariupol, bodies of victims of Ukrainian nationalists are being exhumed from make-shift burial sites by the interdepartmental commission for the search for the missing persons.

The Mariupol State University and the Priazovsky State Technical University signed cooperation agreements with the Kostroma State University with the purpose of developing interaction in educational, scientific, project and cultural activities.

DPR and LPR schools to begin the academic year on September 1 using Russian curriculums. 

Since the beginning of the day, engineers have restored power supply to more than 26.5 thousand customers across the Republic.

Other news

The DPR Head Denis Pushilin inspected restoration works in Volnovakha focusing on repairs of schools and hospitals.

A disassembled sculpture of a soldier was delivered to the site of the Saur-Mogila Memorial, where restoration work is currently underway.

DPR launched a criminal investigation into Ukraine’s shelling of a correctional facility in Elenovka, where Ukrainian captives were held. The prosecution considers it a terrorist attack.

In Dokuchaevsk, a mass sport exercise was organized headed by a candidate for master of sports in swimming, winner and runner-up of championships and cups of the DPR Sergey Kolesnikov. The event was held 
on the eve of the Day of the Athlete, which is celebrated in Russia on the second Saturday of August. *ot