Donetsk, Feb 1 – DAN. An ambulance came under Ukrainian fire in Kalininskiy district of Donetsk, three civilians were injured including paramedic and driver who were in the vehicle.

"At around 1 p.m. Elevatornaya street was shelled, round explosion hit the passing ambulance. A civilian, the driver and a paramedic in the vehicle were wounded," said local administration head Vasiliy Tkachuk.

All casualties were taken to hospital, their condition is stable.

The situation along the contact line in the Donetsk People’s Republic has deteriorated dramatically in the last few days. Kiev intensified shelling of DPR territory causing massive damage and civilian casualties, DPR Operations Command said.
On January 31 Republican and Russian journalists came under Kiev’s fire in Donetsk, DAN reporter and Life cameraman were injured.

DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko said that the fighting was ongoing in 50km-long area. The enemy suffered major losses. The order to start the offensive was issued by Ukrainian president Petr Poroshenko personally.
The shelling is ongoing. *ot