Donetsk, Aug 25 – DAN. DPR expects a thousand residents of Kiev-controlled Donetsk region who have already received tickets to arrive to Donetsk to see the international Mixed Martial Arts Championship "United Donbass", said acting deputy chairman of the DPR Council of Ministers Dmitry Trapeznikov.

"Residents of Kiev-controlled territory were really interested in the tournament, as of today about a thousand people registered and came to receive their tickets."

"I will support Nikita Krylov, I'm sure he will win," Trapeznikov shared.

The MMA Championship "United Donbass" is scheduled for August 26 in Olympiyskiy sport center in Donetsk, which can house 25,678 spectators. The most expected fight is between Nikita Krylov from Krasnyi Luch and Maro "Mean Machine" Perak from Dubrovnik, Croatia. *ot