Donetsk, Apr 9 - DAN. Ukrainian forces opened fire at Gorlovka on Tuesday morning causing a power outage at the Golmovskiy neighbourhood in the northern part of the town, the Donetsk People’s Republic Coal and Energy Ministry press service said.

“Ukrainian armed formations delivered massive fire on the Gorlovka axis causing a partial blackout,” the report said. “The Golmovskiy neighbourhood, with 3,053 residential customers, is left without electricity.”

The settlement came under fire at around 05:30. Multiple damage was caused to two power transmission lines, as well as to the Dolomit facility which fed 21 electrical substations and four boiler houses.

“The sites of damage are in the line of sight of the Kiev forces, so the Regional Energy Company is unable to immediately carry out repairs.

The DPR Office at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) confirmed the Gorlovka shelling. Infantry fighting vehicle (BMP-2) fire was delivered from the Novoluganskoye settlement. A house in Gardina Street was damaged in shelling. Damage assessment is underway, it said.*jk