Donetsk, Nov 30 — DAN. Deserving parents of 27 large families in the Donetsk People’s Republic have received the regional award for commendable upbringing of children, Director of the regional branch of the State Service for Families and Children Svetlana Maiboroda told the Donetsk News Agency.

“Donbass has always been famous for its people, patriots, labor dynasties and exemplary families, ” Maiboroda said. “In 2017, the DPR Head established the distinction for ‘For Merits in Raising Children, ’ to acknowledge the efforts of parents of large families.”

Twenty-seven large families have been honored with this award since 2018. The award can be given to families or guardians who have been bringing up five or more children for the past five years. An awardee is entitled to a 50,000-ruble lumpsum incentive, she said.

President Vladimir Putin declared 2024 the Year of the Family in Russia to promote the state policy in protecting traditional family values.*jk