Donetsk Oct 4 — DAN. Some 26,000 construction workers are engaged in the rebuilding of the civil and social infrastructure of the Donetsk People’s Republic, DPR Prime Minister Yevgeny Solntsev said in his report at the 10th International Construction Forum and 100+TechnoBuild exhibition on Wednesday.

“Of course, the whole country is helping us, ” Solntsev said. “The work to rebuild the Republic involves 26 regions, eight state-run companies, 74 contractors and 26,000 personnel with 2,500 pieces of equipment.”

“The main objective is to not only restore ruined facilities and put up new ones. It is necessary to bring the standard of living in our region to the Russian average, so that people can feel that they are part of the large country. We set very ambitious targets last year. I’m confident that we’ll maintain the pace of our work in 2024, ” he said.

Over a year, repairs were completed on 10,000 civil infrastructure facilities. Fifty-three facilities were built from scratch, 350 kilometers of roads and 130 kilometers of street and road networks were repaired. The Mariupol seaport is boosting operations, the DPR premier said.

Earlier reports said that representatives of the Jewish Autonomous Region had visited the Amvroskiyevka district to discuss rebuilding plans and assistance in 2023 and 2024. The sponsor region intends to develop Amvrosiyevka district schools and help residents with roof repairs.*jk