Donetsk, Sep 7 — DAN. The number of basic state municipal services available in the new regions will reach 100 in 2025, Russian Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Maksut Shadaeyv said on Thursday.

“The approved program of socio-economic development of the new regions has these targets for regional municipal services: 30 in 2023, another 41 in 2024 and then 29 more which will bring their number to 100 in 2025, ” Shadayev said at a “United Russia” party conference over  the new territories. 

In 2023, 11 welfare services will be launched, the education and construction sectors will have two services each, and one service will be launched in the housing and utilities sector, he said.

Earlier reports said that 688,000 residents of the new regions had confirmed user accounts on the government services portal which provides a broad range of state and municipal services, such as marriage or birth registration, welfare payments, university application, payment of fines, uploading COVID test results to the Rospotebnadzor consumer rights watchdog, receiving documents from archives etc.*jk