Donetsk, Jun 21 — DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic medical personnel have received more than 1.1 billion rubles in payments for the provision of assistance to wounded servicemen and people hurt during the special military operation, DPR Healthcare Minister Dmitry Gartsev said on Wednesday.

“Pursuant to government resolution, we’ve already transferred 1.146 billion rubles to the accounts of medics working at in-patient hospitals, ” Gartsev said. 

Payments have been deposited to medics’ accounts since January 1, 2023, but some jobs like ambulance driver were left out. These errors will be corrected so that the resolution can apply to these jobs, he said.

DPR authorities earlier announced an increase in the wage fund and salaries of public sector employees. In addition, the Russian government introduced benefits on January 1, 2023, in the amount of 4,000 to 18,500 rubles for primary care staff at town, district and rural area hospitals and ambulance service personnel.*jk