Donetsk, Aug 17 — DAN. “Komsomolets Donbassa, ” a coal mine in Kirovskoye has received the license to open its own training center, the Donetsk People’s Republic Coal and Energy Ministry press service said on Thursday.

“Previously, the company had to send its employees to specialized facilities for refresher or advanced training courses,” the Ministry told the Donetsk News Agency. “Nearly all coal producing associations in the DPR operate such centers but ‘Komsomolets Donbassa’ is the first coal mine in the Republic to get the license.”

The coal mine plans to develop its center and start training prospective employees from scratch, the Ministry said.

The coal mine in Kirovskoye began operation in 1980. It produces grade A coal (anthracite) and semi-anthracite, mostly for the thermal power plant in Starobeshevo.*jk