Donetsk, May 17 — DAN. Graduates of the Donbass National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (DonNASA) are in high demand across the Russian construction sector, said DonNASA rector Nikolay Zaichenko.

“Our graduates are much needed and appreciated in Russian regions. Their training has always been very good, so our specialists are very welcome at Russian companies, ” Zaichenko told the Donetsk News Agency.  “Many graduates work abroad, almost in all corners of the world.”

They got jobs in Australia, Canada, USA, Germany and other countries. Many are successfully pursuing their careers at large companies, he added.

DonNASA was founded on January 1, 1972. It is located in Makeyevka.  Its original name was Makeyevka Civil Engineering Institute. Over the decades of operation, the university has trained thousands of specialists in various fields such as architecture, environmental protection, construction economics, urban economy etc.*jk