Donetsk, Apr 17 - DAN. Teachers and students of the Donetsk National Technical University built a Foucault Pendulum and successfully launched it at the university museum on Tuesday.

Deputy Education and Science Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic Alexander Anopriyenko, University rector Konstantin Marenich and university staff and students attended the ceremony which gathered some 100 people.

“We’re unveiling a Foucault Pendulum today. They are few in the world numbering about 40. It’s going to be yet another place of interest in Donetsk, the deputy minister said. “It’s a must for visitors touring our city, they have to see the pendulum with their own eyes to understand what Donetsk and Donbass are and how talented and bright are the people living there.”

The pendulum demonstrating the Earth’s rotation around its axis was invented by renowned French physicist and astronomer Jean Foucault.

Donetsk National Technical University was established in 1921. It has trained 234,000 specialists for the national economy since. The university currently runs ten departments providing training to more than 8,000 students for 34 professions.*jk