Donetsk, Nov 15 — DAN. Builders from Russian regions have helped to restore 103 schools, 77 kindergartens and 15 hospitals in the Donetsk People’s Republic, the Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities press service reported on Tuesday following a meeting  between head of the ministry Irek Faizullin and DPR government First Deputy Chairman Yevgeny Solntsev.

“The parties discussed further rebuilding of the Republic and recruitment of specialists from across Russia. As of now, repairs have been completed on 103 schools, 77 kindergartens and 15 hospitals in the DPR, ” the Ministry reported on Telegram.

Russia also helped the DPR to restore 427 apartment houses, and another 1,527 are due to be restored by yearend.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Russian Construction Ministry said it that was drawing a concept of master plan to develop the DPR in the period until 2035.*jk