Donetsk, Aug 31 — DAN. Activists of Russian ZooFriend project have delivered 4.5 tons of humanitarian aid for Mariupol and Pridorozhnoye animals, the DPR Public Chamber’s press service said.

Two tons of cat and dog food have been distributed in Mariupol by 30 volunteers who take care of homeless pets, as well as staff members of local detention centres and inmates of a female correctional facility which houses 15 dogs.

Two and half tons of pet food are for the Pridorozhnoye zoo, in particular for its birds and rodents.

The initiator of the project, Chairwoman of the Commission on Ecology and Environmental Protection of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation Elena Sharoikina said that this time the delivery of the cargo is timed to coincide with the Day of the Veterinary Worker, which is an annual holiday in Russia marked on the last day of summer.

“We decided to make the delivery coincide with this professional holiday in order to celebrate the contribution of our colleagues and all concerned people who take care of animals in Donbass despite all the challenges, and contribute to the fulfillment of sanitary, epidemiological and veterinary tasks, ” she said.

Earlier this month, ZooFriend sent 40 tons of construction materials to Donetsk to restore the city’s botanical garden.

ZooFriend is an all-Russian campaign to raise money and purchase food for animals. It was launched in March of this year following the initiative of the head of the Commission on Ecology and Environmental Protection. *ot