Donetsk, Jun 2 – DAN.  Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky used peace rhetoric for his electoral campaign, but in reality he continues with the policy of his predecessor Petr Poroshenko, a DPR MP Oleg Onopko said in a comment to DAN.

"Like all his predecessors, Vladimir Zelensky will not fulfill his campaign promises. In terms of hypocrisy he is not inferior to Poroshenko. During his campaign he mendaciously stated that he wants peace, but publicly denounced the basic principles of the Minsk Agreements once got to power. Ukraine will preserve its way of treating Donbass under his rule."

Onopko said that Zelenskiy was not acting on his own, but rather relies on the US interests and depends on the clan oligarchy within the country. The key offices are already occupied by businessmen affiliated with Igor Kolomoisky who funded nationalistic battalions fighting against Donbass in 2014.

"Currently Mr. Zelensky is consistent in his disrespect towards Donbass people, the choice we've made, our interests and values. He refuses the dialog quite expectedly, and calls for an informational aggression against our land," Onopko said.

Zelensky and Poroshenko both advanced to the second round of the Ukrainian presidential election, where Zelensky won by a landslide 73 percent. He was inaugurated on May 20.*ot