Donetsk, Oct 27 – DAN. DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko will hold a live Q&A conference on November 2, third anniversary of his election as the DPR Head.

"On November 2, third anniversary of the DPR Head election, Alexander Zakharchenko will hold live conference answering questions of the DPR residents and residents of Kiev-controlled territories, and Ukrainian citizens," his press service announced.

Questions can be confidentially submitted to https://глава.рус.

"The time has come to answer important questions of those people who live in the DPR or want to have a dialog with Donbass, whose minds are not affected by Kiev's propaganda. I have consciously combined questions from Ukraine and Donbass residents, as the geography suggests we have to learn to live together if we do not want to fight a war until mutually assured destruction. We have to find a way to a war-free world, respecting each other's interests and rights. This is a hard way but we have no other. I am waiting for your questions," Zakharchenko said. *ot