Donetsk, Sep 11 — DAN. The United Russia party has won 78.03 percent of votes in the election to the Donetsk People’s Republic parliament, according to the results announced by the Central Election Commission (CEC).

The Communist Party (KPRF) got 6.43 percent of votes, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) 6.25 percent, New People 5.14 percent and A Just Russia — Patriots — for Truth 3.27 percent, the CEC said adding that district commissions had processed 100 percent of ballot papers.

Under the regional Constitution, the DPR has a 90-seat parliament.

In the election to the Donetsk City Council, United Russia netted 75.6 percent of votes, LDPR — 7.14 percent, KPRF — 5.46 percent, New People — 5.32 percent and A Just Russia — Patriots — for Truth — 5.18 percent.

The Republic held early voting from September 31 through September 7. The main voting days were September 8 — 10. Ballot casting finished on Sunday at 15:00, Moscow time. For DPR residents who were away from home, voting was arranged at exterritorial venues in other regions of the country. The DPR held election to the regional parliament and local government bodies.*jk