Donetsk, May 7 - DAN. Ukrainian servicemen deliberately shoot at Donetsk People’s Republic children amid the indifference of the international community, DPR Head Denis Pushilin said on Thursday.

“Today, five civilians including two 13-year-old children were wounded in the explosion of shells fired by Ukrainian armed formations,” Pushilin said. “Three girls and an adult were wounded three days ago. A girl from Gorlovka was recently killed in the explosion of a grenade dropped by an unmanned aerial vehicle. The obvious conclusion is that Ukraine not merely kills Donbass residents, it targets children, young people.”

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky bears direct responsibility for these crimes; he has never issued the ceasefire order since he came to power a year ago, and any statement by Kiev politicians alleging striving for peace is a lie. Ukraine continues to terrorise the Republic’s population, traditionally, it steps up its acts of aggression in the runup to holidays; this time it is happening ahead of Victory Day, he said.

“Ukrainian armed formations act in this manner because of the connivance and indifference of the international community.” We demand proper response to such cynical violations of rules of warfare and norms of the humanitarian law,” the DPR leader said.

Earlier reports on Thursday said that five civilians including two children had been wounded in southern DPR in shelling by Ukrainian forces. A DPR militiaman who tried to help them was killed and his colleague was wounded.*jk