Donetsk, Nov 15 – DAN. DPR MP Alexey Kurenkov has described Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky as an infernal creature as some media leaked Ukrainian plan for Donbass reintegration.

Earlier some media leaked a letter by the security council secretary Alexey Danilov to head of the presidential administration, state security head and prime minister suggesting to open administrative and criminal cases against Donbass residents who are not "pro-Ukrainian" and to relocate them either to Russia or to central and western Ukraine for a "rehabilitation".

"After such documents emerge Zelensky does not have any options but to step down. We have been hearing his sweet talk while he was dreaming of turning Donbass into scorched earth. What were 73 percent of Ukrainian voters thinking as they cast their ballots?" Kurenkov said.

He went on saying that Donbass shall remain a part of the Russian world. "We shall be speaking Russian further on. We will not allow Ukrainian soldiers to walk along our border freely not even mentioning some cleansings and prosecutions." *ot