Donetsk, Mar 27 – DAN. Kiev has set back all the achievements of the Contact Group as it derailed the video conference on March 26, the DPR Foreign Ministry said.

"Regretfully, all the positive achievements of the previous meeting have been completely set back during the videoconference (on March 26)."

The Foreign Ministry said that the head of the Ukrainian delegation refused to support the signing of a document listing responsibilities of the sides, as it was done on March 11. According to Ukraine, it was a one-time action.

"As a result, the Contact Group listened to the reports of its subgroups but was unable to adopt expected decisions and to document the results in a protocol of the Contact Group meeting, as the Ukrainian side acted in bad faith concerning the fulfillment of its obligations under the protocol of the previous meeting," the ministry said.

The Contact Group held a video meeting on March 26 to discuss all the issues on the agenda of its subgroups: special status, Advisory Board, ceasefire, POW exchange, disengagement of forces, etc. *ot