Обмен пленными, 16.04.2020

Donetsk, Jun 9 – DAN. Kiev demands Donetsk to release four Ukrainian detainees saying it is a condition for fulfilling its obligation to carry out the legal clearance of those liberated from Ukrainian captivity earlier, the DPR delegation to the Minsk talks said.

"Ukraine's representative (Leonid Kravchuk) today was openly sabotaging the talks as he demanded to release four Ukrainians in exchange for Ukrainian president signing a decree on pardoning nine persons."

The DPR delegation described Kiev's claims that the detainees held by the Republic suffer health issues as cynical.

"First of all, as to our knowledge, such claims are untrue, second, such manipulations disguised as humanitarian concerns just aggravate Kiev's already extremely negative reputation at the Minsk talks," the statement reads.

The total of 71 people were exchanged between the DPR and Ukraine during 2019 and 2020 prisoner swaps. The sides pledged to carry out the legal clearance of liberated persons. Kiev failed to deliver on its promise as 50 people remain under criminal charges in Ukraine. *ot