Donetsk, Sep 5 - DAN. The idea to deploy a UN peacekeeping mission on the Contact Line in Donbass is aimed at the soonest establishment of full-fledged truce in the region, acting DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova told Donetsk News Agency in comments on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal he made on Tuesday.

“The Russian president’s proposal to deploy UN peacekeepers to ensure the safety of the OSCE mission staff on the Contact Line in Donbass can contribute to attaining two important objectives: the soonest implementation of the agreements on the withdrawal of forces and hardware from the Contact line and careful monitoring of the fulfilment of these accords following the withdrawal,” Nikonorova said.

She underlined that the implementation of these proposals was only possible if they were coordinated with Donetsk. “We again draw the attention of the international community, including the UN Security Council, to the fact that the implementation of these proposals, as well as the terms of the implementation, should be coordinated with the Republics, as should all other ideas or projects related to the future of Donbass,” the diplomat said.

Earlier on Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Moscow’s plans to submit a resolution to the UN Security Council on deploying UN peacekeepers on the contact line in Donbass to ensure the safety of OSCE monitors. He also said that this was possible only after the meeting of a number of security conditions and coordinating the issue with DPR and LPR representatives.*jk