Donetsk, Jun 5 - DAN. The progress in the Donbass conflict settlement is only possible through launching a dialogue between Donetsk and Kiev, Donetsk People’s Republic Head Alexander Zakharchenko said at a news conference in the DPR capital on Tuesday.

“The format will be better if Donetsk and Kiev begin to talk: this does not change the format of negotiations, but improves it. Everything depends on how we’ll communicate if at all,” Zakharchenko said. “Neither the peacekeepers nor America’s stepping in can help, only direct Donetsk-Kiev dialogue will improve the situation.”

Earlier, leader of the Opposition Bloc faction in Ukraine’s Verkhovnaya Rada (parliament) Yuriy Boiko called for direct talks with the People’s Rep[ublics for the soonest establishment of peace in Donbass. He did not rule out his party’s participation in the peace process. Head of the DPR delegation in Minsk Denis Pushilin stated the Republic’s readiness to have dialogue with any Ukrainian representatives within the framework of the Minsk talks.*jk