Donetsk, Jul 14 - DAN. Ukrainian president Petr Poroshenko might soon lose his lever of pressure on Donbass as Ukrainian soldiers are growing more and more unwilling to fight against the region, said the deputy chairwoman of the DPR People's Council Olga Makeyeva.

"The tendency among the military is such that Poroshenko might find himself alone in his fight against the unconquered Republics. The army is his last lever of pressure, losing it will bring Poroshenko to the necessity to negotiate with Donbass and to fulfill the Minsk Agreements."

She explained that Ukrainian servicemen reject being sent to the so-called ATO zone as they understand they will have to fight against civilians and not Russian forces, as Kiev authorities allege.

Earlier Republican Command reported the growing reluctance of the Ukrainian army to take part in the war against civilians. DPR intelligence said the military were subjected to severe punishments for the refusal to fulfill the orders on the frontline. *ot