Donetsk, Jul 20 - DAN. The video conference of the subgroup on political issues ended early again due to Ukraine’s reluctance to negotiate, Donetsk People’s Republic Deputy Foreign Minister, DPR representative in the subgroup Natalia Mikhailova said on Tuesday.

“Today’s video conference was closed by OSCE coordinator (Sylvie-Agnes Bermann) early as Kiev was not willing to discuss anything,” Mikhailova said. "We made all efforts to guide the discussion on to productive truck, but Kiev representatives read out three curt phrases and then ignored all initiatives. They didn’t even turn on the mike to answer our questions or the coordinator’s questions.”

There is one way out of this situation. Kiev has to become aware of the need and inevitability of consolidation on the road map draft, she said.

At the previous talks on July 6, the Ukrainian delegation left the video conference of the political subgroup as soon as a Donbass activist joined the discussion. Mrs Bermann regretted the deadlock in the subgroup, the DPR Foreign Ministry reported back then.*jk*pp