Donetsk, June 5 – DAN. The political subgroup meeting in Minsk has not brought any significant progress, the DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova said.

"There was no essential progress in the political subgroup today. We insisted on discussing the key agenda issues in order indicated in the Package of Measures and in line with the logic of the document."

Nikonorova said that a dialog on enacting special status law and its enshrinement in the Constitution should commence in the first place; nevertheless the Ukrainain representatives refused to follow the agenda.

She said that progress depends on the Ukrainian political will to implement the Minsk Agreements.

"At this point we must admit there is no such will," Nikonorova said.

Today the talks of the Contact Group resumed in Minsk after a two-month break caused by the presidential election and reshuffle of Ukrainian authorities. *ot