Donetsk, May 25 – DAN. Kiev's unwillingness to fulfill the Minsk Agreements and to integrate Donbass special status into the Constitution eliminates any opportunity for local elections in the region, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

Ukrainian vice prime minister on the "reintegration of the temporary occupied territories" Alexey Reznikov said earlier that Kiev is not intending to fulfill the agreements as they are. He said Donbass must be demilitarized by August: troops withdrawn, disarmament and demobilization carried out.

"We see this approach at every meeting in Minsk," Nikonorova said.

"We ask the international community and the guarantor countries to pay attention to these statements of a Ukrainian representative."

She said Kiev portrays elections as the reason behind the conflict. According to Nikonorova, such attitude shows that new Ukrainian authorities have no idea about the true reasons of the conflict that erupted as a repulsion of values imposed on Donbass by Kiev and a manifestation of the region's will to live according to its own rules.

"If Kiev wants local elections in October they must secure Donbass special status in law and Constitution by August, coordinating its legal aspects with Donbass representatives, those who live in the region during the conflict, not those appointed by Kiev," she said.

Nikonorova reminded about the importance of amnesty stipulated by the Minsk Agreements. "Only clear, transparent, open and conscientious dialog directly with the representatives of the other conflicting side can contribute to the real peace and progress." *ot