Donetsk, Mar 30 - DAN. The session of the Contact Group humanitarian subgroup did not yield any results, Donetsk People’s Republic representative in the subgroup, DPR ombudswoman Darya Morozova said on Tuesday.

“The humanitarian subgroup session had zero result,” Morozova said. “Ukraine is fully responsible for it as its negotiators derailed the discussion of all items on the agenda in a provocative and obviously deliberate move.”

They were particularly undiplomatic during the discussion of the prisoner exchange issue. On Tuesday, Kiev was expected to show the results of its work on dropping the charges against the persons released from Ukrainian captivity in 2019-2020; however, no information was provided. 

“That Kiev is not interested in resuming productive dialogue is shown by another fact: this year Ukraine has not send us its list of persons it is searching for. Consequently, either Ukraine is not looking for anyone in the DPR or it spins new political intrigues by playing with the fates of its citizens,” the DPR ombudswoman said.

As the discussion on the key issues had not taken place, a decision was made to put them on the Contact Group’s agenda. The Contact Group participants are meeting on Wednesday, March 31.

Earlier reports said that the subgroup on political issues had not made much headway at the talks. Meanwhile, the DPR and the LPR managed to defend the right of their community representatives to participate in the sessions.*jk