Donetsk, Nov 25 – DAN. Ukraine's slant on the Actions Plan to settle the Donbass conflict boils down to the refusal to implement the Minsk Agreements, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

DPR and LPR presented their road map at the Contact Group conference on October 14. Ukraine tabled its version in early November, though 78 percent of the document, according to experts, are in contradiction with the Minsk Agreements.

"We regard the situation in the following manner: if Kiev keeps silent and does not provide comments on our project, we can interpret the silence as an agreement to our Road Map. Given that Kiev's plan contradicts the Minsk Agreements, we can assume that we should take the republics' document as a basis and start implementing it," Nikonorova said.

She said that Ukrainian delegation head Leonid Kravchuk suggested today at the Contac Group meeting that Kiev is ready to discuss its plan only, and is not going to consider Donbass version.

"If it is an official position of Kiev, that we can qualify it as a refusal to fulfill the Minsk Agreements as they stipulate a dialog and coordination. Thus we await Kiev position in writing and remind that the future of the Minsk Agreements depends on it," she said. *ot